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Happy New Year! Here's to a Great 2024!

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Thank you for your support and enjoying
Drinking Better Coffee with us.
Make sure to try our new "Reserve Roast 2024."
Baba went a little bolder this time, but not too dark...

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Our Roastmasters, Baba and Mama have

Roaster Ready!

We hand-select a wide range of sustainably-sourced
coffee beans from all over the world and roast it to perfection.
Now we feature Baba's Choice! Please check it out.

World Famous, the Most Sought After Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain®

We are proud to be a certified direct importers and
roasters of 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee.

No Better Rum Than Jamaican Rum, No Better Rum Cake Than

Wicked Jack's Tavern®

Baked in the USA. Our Rum Cakes are soaked
in the finest Jamaican Rum and then vacuum-packed
to ensure that Wicked flavor keeps well.

Aroma Ridge News!

2024 Reserve Roast

As we go into the new year, 2024 we embrace everything and everyone around us. Like a warm cup of coffee hugs the soul, our 2024 reserve roast we have chosen to go with the Pantone color of the year which is Peach Fuzz. Peach Fuzz allows us to feel warm and and...

Made with Jamaican Rum & Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey!

Taste the Wicked Jack’s Tavern®'s newest creation – Bourbon Rum Cake. Could this get more wicked?  Our Bourbon taste-testers gave it a solid two thumbs up! This vanilla flavored, moist, buttery cake is one of a kind.

We made it to the top four!

Shopify listed Aroma Ridge as one of the top "private-label dropshipping coffee suppliers" on their blog. If you are planning to start a online business or looking for new supplier, we can ship coffee as your own products to your customers directly. Yes, we will be your fulfillment department.

What Our Customers Say

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Wallenford Estate is a wonderful tasting coffee and one of my personal favorites.. I’ve been buying from Aroma Ridge for many years and continue to be impressed with their customer service and speed of delivery. Keep up the great work!
Roger H
I've ordered Baba's Roast and Mama's Roast many times, and always been a fan. The balance is just right, and somehow, always tastes like Georgia. Makes me feel as if I'm on a Southern porch watching the sunrise, which is a good escape for this busy city boy Northerner. And last batch of Baba's was so good, one of his best ones maybe.
Blueberry Crumble flavored coffee is very tasty, great blueberry flavor that's not overpowered by other spices. In Maine, we love our blueberries and I love this coffee all year round even when they are out of season.
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